Dominobet Secret

When you enter the main page of Dominobet for the first time, you need to do rules and also procedures about it to secure your account in this site.

Secure Your Dominobet ID for The First Time
Every site has its own rules and you must follow it as member of this site because you don’t want to make mistake during your stay there but at least, you can avoid mistake that can make you experience losses. If you enter Dominobet for the first time, you need to secure your account first.

After entering the site and agreeing of the terms and condition, the agent will ask you to change your password for the first time which is given to you when you first joined this agent. The reason is because this agent doesn’t want to open your ID so you need to change it and you know it.

How to Keep Your BandarQ Online Terpercaya ID Safe?
As members, it is important to keep the security of your own account and because of that, Dominobet ¬†will ask all their new members to change the password so they don’t know and it is only you who know your account. This agent only keeps it secured and you have your own data base for your safety.

Your secret of password is your own responsibility and you need to keep it on your own. If something happens because of your mistake, then you can’t blame this agent because you are the person who knows your own password and this agent doesn’t know at all so it is your own fault there.

In order to keep all your secrets of password, then what you need to do is keeping it secret no matter what. Dominobet doesn’t recommend you to lend your ID to someone else though they are your friend because you don’t know what will they do related to your account.

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