Report on Uncompensated Emergency Health Care

Senator Kyler of Arizona announced the release of the Coalition's report entitled "Medical Emergency: Who Pays the Price for Uncompensated Emergency Medical Care Along the Southwest Border?" The report, which was prepared by MGT of America for the Coalition, was funded through an HHS appropriation secured by Senator Kyl.
The study reports that, in 2000, border hospitals spent more than $200 million to provide emergency health care to undocumented immigrants - $79 million in California; $74 million in Texas; $31 million in Arizona; and $6 million in New Mexico. Emergency transportation providers spent more than $13 million in 2000.

The Coalition's report makes several policy recommendations (see Executive Summary). The bottom line is Congress should reimburse local governments and ambulance services for providing emergency medical care to undocumented immigrants.

For links to the Executive Summary and the full report, please click on the "read more..." link below. The full report PDF file is large, so please allow time for it to download.

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